Hello I’m Jen and welcome to my blog!  I’ve always been one for travel and adventure and luckily my husband Steve is usually on board to jet set when ever we can.  We are 2 hard working adults who love to travel while strategically juggling our PTO days :).  My husband has been my inspiration to start this blog, as he loves to collect receipts, brochures, tickets etc  along with more than enough photos to bore you to death on every trip we take.  I do all my own traveling booking, which to me is fun and easy, but to others they are amazed and impressed by how I can manage to put together a 2 week 4 city Europe trip on my own.  The internet is a wonderful place, as I use various travel sites and personal blogs to help me with my trip planning.  Since those sources have been so helpful to me, I thought I would contribute back to the travel blogs across the Internet.

I hope you enjoy my blog posts!  Always feel free to reach out to me with any travel questions!  Follow my travel posts on Instagram using #escapetothis